How to learn English in 2013

When I was very young “many years from now”, in the Sixties, our Language teachers spent a lot of time to teach us grammar, to improve our capabilities to write in a correct way.

Nevertheless when, for the fist time we had to speak with native people, the task seemed to be very hard!

So our generation, beat, hippie, flower power, but also new wave generation founded devices to communicate all over the world: Music and Song’s words.

Beatles and Rolling Stones, Donovan and Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Joan Baez and many others were a source for learning simple English sentences.

Travelling in Europe or in overseas Countries, Italian, French or German people was able to speak Love and Peace, and/or understand their peers during rides.

Rising was difficult, but not expensive, if young people made hitchhiking..

Now, in the 2000s, globalisation opened the world and Internet linked up million people on all continents.

Most of those words are related to informatics, economics, financial, tourism, sales… and are also well known and in use like proper words in many languages, like Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (much less in French, for example, Informatics words), but English language predominance on other languages produced new speeches like Chinglish, Spanglish and recent Globish!


Credits: DeutschMatheLehrer



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