This is a simple story, common to many of us. I was born in Italy, but my parents and my grandparents were born in France. From birth so I listened and recorded in my mind different sounds and words. French language  at home and Italian language with relatives and acquaintances, who were born in Italy.

I was lucky: I became bilingual since I articulated my first words!

Like me, many of you were born in different countries in Europe and in the the world and lived in a ‘foreign’ country.

Today bilingualism and multilingualism are a common phenomenon, but most recognized and carefully studied

A few years ago there was a widespread prejudice, or as a well-known psycholinguist says, a MYTH, that still haunts the scientific research.   (François Grosjean  University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland – Bilingual: Life and Reality (Harvard University Press, 2010)).

Bilingualism is a rare phenomenon 
Bilinguals acquire their two or more languages in childhoodMixing languages is a sign of laziness in bilinguals.
Bilinguals have double or split personalities.
Bilinguals express their emotions in their first language.
Nothing could be more wrong! According to some research done, in particular by the European Council in Strasbourg, ahead of the European Day of Languages ​​half the world’s population is bilingual!And now to request your curiosity in languages ​​and their learning, some quotes:

Speaking another language is quite simply the minimum and primary condition for being alive. Julia Kristeva

Bilingualism is a cognitive advantage, that increases intuition and develops learning abilities.  Professor Vivian Cook,  Emeritus Professor – University of Newcastle


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