Language learning online

Knowing more than one language today is becoming ever more important and the best way to do this is to travel the world, work or live abroad, participate in courses at work or for leisure, depending on various engagements. Often, unfortunately, this is difficult or expensive.

We offer the chance to experience a new way of travelling around the world, without leaving your home or office, a new opportunity of learning a new language, or to perfect, with online tools (SKYPE) .

Experts in adult’s lifelong learning collaborate on this suggestion; our teachers have professional or mother tongue skill levels.

Our goals are multilingual education, ideas’ exchanges and information, cultural confrontation. We teach languages, with methods and contents useful for work, social life, travel, leisure. If this suggestion makes you curious, follow us….


About us: a small group of teachers and professionals from different fields, experts in adult learning and training methodologies, which languages’ knowledge level is mother tongue or professional.

Our courses can be individual and/or collective.

At present we are able to offer courses of ITALIAN, FRENCH, ENGLISH.

The lessons and courses are proposed to adults aiming to learn the basics of a language, or to improve their conversational skills and/or learn sectoral languages.

Target group: students of high school or university, professionals, employees, business people wishing to increase their language knowledge to travel and enlarge their cultural knowledge.

The courses are planned for all levels: basic, intermediate, advanced and professional. Lessons are structured on the basis of user needs.

Before starting the course, we propose a short assessment test / self-assessment, made on the basis of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

And now some information about us and our activities…  Ready to start?



Languages learning online

methods and contents  useful for work, social life, travel, leisure

Individual lessons and collective classes from Monday to Saturday, (also Evening and / or lunch time).

http://www.skype.com/en/(download the program for free and Install), or open a connection to Facebook or Google+ (free) and connected with the camera on your PC.

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